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Have you been feeling emotionally unstable lately? Having urges to reduce psychic tension? Find yourself calling the salvation hotline multiple times a day? Are prejudiced against imbeciles? Earned a degree? Or been afraid it would be offensive to wash your ass in front of a parrot?

ART FOR DENTISTS is a non-invasive, non-perishable, non-GMO assembly for people who seek refuge from this condition and wish to acquire an amorous craving to live forever without any pain. Here at ART FOR DENTISTS, we believe confusing yourself is just a way of staying honest. After one night spent here, you will leave with all the things you might have done if you had not done all the things you actually did, all the things you might have been if you had not become all the things you actually are. If all your many possibilities are covered throughout these multifarious worlds then does any weight really rest on your choices? I don’t think so! We guarantee all your questions will fall down a deep wishing well and you will forget what you’ve forgotten. Our exclusive, one night only “Art that belongs in a waiting room” package deal viewing experience will be available at ART FOR DENTISTS on February 22nd, 2019.

FEATURING THE WORK OF: Jenny Collins, Justin D'Acci, Oltree Hui, Avantika Khanna, Salome Khelashvili, John Lincoln-Vogel, Roberto Pienknagura, Hettie Price, Evgenia Reeva, Yue Ren & Jen Roche, Daniel Robles, Zachary Sun, and Amy Wilson.

Curated by Amy Wilson & the residents of The Yards.